Wanna Get Away?

To me, Swagology isn’t just a word; it represents a lifestyle that embodies style, taste, sophistication, and class.  For lack of a better term, let’s call it a modern day Renaissance man.  These days in order to wear this title, one must think globally and have worldly experiences.  And what is worldly experience you ask?  Simply put, it is doing and seeing.  Do you ever think the Dos Equis guy became the “most interesting man in the world” by staying at home and Wikipedia’ing adventure?  Hell no!!

The travel industry is one of the largest in the world.  Traveling is also a key step from boyhood to manhood and eventually to “Swag-hood”.  Think about it… I mean what activity can be more enlightening than traveling?  Nothing should deter a man from leaving his domain and doing something new.  AND I MEAN NOTHING!

While people have different motivations for traveling, one indisputable fact remains that one trip can become a defining moment in a man’s life.  In other words, one trip can possibly be the single most amazing and greatest experience you’ve ever had!!   Farewell to the days of vacationing at the same spot your grandpa did every two weeks a year.  This won’t cut it anymore!!  It’s a great, big world waiting to be explored, which should be reason enough for all men to get off their couches and skip the next re-run of Seinfeld.

As men, we’re thrilled and excited by the “great unknown”, but some guys never get that motivation to explore and have an adventure.  This is what I like to call a “Swag-Tragedy”.  A small fact for you to think about, in recent figures from the U.S. Department of State, only roughly 30% of Americans have a passport.  Think about this real life “Swag-Tragedy”!!!

Now, times are tough and the economy isn’t getting better in a hurry, but money doesn’t buy travel, motivation does.  Do you think our Manifest Destiny happened because American explorers bought a Groupon out west?!?!?  No, they decided they wanted to better themselves as well as their way of life and got moving.

If this hasn’t gotten your butter churning to find your own inner JetSwagging self, I hope these reasons do:

People – Traveling is the best way to get out and meet locals from other walks of life.  You can learn new perspectives, fascinating facts, and potentially meet a mate (don’t forget half of the people you meet will be women).

Food – No matter where you go or what you do, food will always be a constant in your day to day routine.  And what better way to open up yourself to a new perspective than experiencing traditional cuisines and tasting authentic foreign flavors?  Many of the famed regional dishes are based off of local produce, unique ingredients, and rich culture.  So if you want a solid steak, Safeway isn’t your best bet.  Go to Nebraska and taste that flavor you’ve been missing out on!!

Gear – Want some cool new gear bro?  Preparing for a trip is the perfect excuse to pick up some new toys and style.  From a digital camera, to a sweet pair of cowboy boots, new luggage or even clothes, a new trip can reinvent your persona and personality.  I mean, how do you think Stella got her groove back?!?!  She got some sick gear and got on a plane homie!!!

Confidence – Want to develop some self-confidence?  No better way than traveling and putting yourself in situations you’ve never experienced.   How many people can say they’ve run with the bulls in Pampalona or swam with the Great Whites in the Indian Ocean?  When you are on the road, you can really see what you’re made of and how you naturally force yourself to adapt to whatever situation or setting.  Let me ask you something…why is James Bond so cool?  ANSWER: Cause he can be cool ANYWHERE!!  Confidence is the best reward you can get from traveling and the real beauty is that when you are confident, everyone can see it.  So by traveling, you increase your own value because you are immediately more interesting.  FACT!!!

In this day and age, it is all about personal experience.  You don’t need a million dollars to go and see the world, just the desire to want to try something new.  As you get your own JetSwagged experience down, you will notice how you start to see the world differently, feel more self reliant on yourself, gain culture, and most importantly, begin to appreciate your own hometown for what it is worth.  So next time you are in a group of friends and your boy says to you, “Lets hit the town up tonight like we did last weekend and the weekend before that,” you can drop a, “This reminds me of that crazy time when I was in Monte Carlo playing cards with Sean Connery. ”  After all, Swagology is all about distinguishing yourself from all the rest and becoming a better you…So get out there and change the game plan!

-Much Love

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