If you are a typical 20 or 30 something man,chances are your gym routine has undergone a few tweaks here and there over the years. Unfortunately for most of you, those “tweaks” included shortening time in a gym or on the field, and increased time at home sitting on your ever growing ass watching reruns of Seinfeld. Now, I’m going to overestimate you (you were relieved I said Seinfeld and didn’t call you out on “Real Housewives” weren’t you?) and assume you are a healthy man who is in better than average shape. You go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and try to eat healthy except you usually fail on the weekends. You get to the gym, stretch for 5 minutes, maybe warmup for 10 minutes, lift, cardio, stretch another 5 minutes, and head home. By now I’ll assume you know the importance of switching up your routine. You have to “surprise” your muscles every few weeks in order to get the most out of them. Strangely enough there is one thing that will improve almost any workout routine, and keep your body and mind feeling fresh week to week to continue pushing yourself in the gym.

Yoga. If you’ve already got yoga incorporated into your routine, then congrats, you are way ahead of the game. Of course, you might be some hipster who thinks that yoga is all you need in life to be happy, if that’s the case, you are behind in the game…of life, and certainly not swag. If you are like 90% of men reading this, you’ve either never done yoga or tried it a few times and decided it wasn’t for you. Not manly enough? You’re lucky I didn’t suggest ballet. Why don’t you walk up to Barry Bonds, Lynn Swan, or Herschel Walker and tell them that they aren’t a man? Good luck chump. The amount of professional athletes that do Yoga is growing immensely. If it’s good enough for Lebron James, then it’s too good for you. But unlike Perfect 10 models and Lamborghini’s, yoga is something both you and King James can enjoy.

OK, so now you’ve gotten over the fact that doing yoga reminds you of the time you tried your girlfriends underpants on, and are ready to give it a try. Where do you start? These days there are tons of daily deal offers where you can get a week, month, or more of yoga for extremely cheap. Most of these studios have beginner classes and may be the best place to start, as having some instruction on poses you have never done is always a good thing.If you can’t afford that, then you are just flat out poor. Why are you worrying about Yoga? Priorities man. Seriously though, another option would be some Yoga DVDs.There are plenty of different option. If you have done P90x, then you already have 1 yoga DVD that will kick your ass for a year easily before you are really ready for more advanced stuff. The bottom line is, there are no excuses for not doing yoga weekly except for the fact that you haven’t accepted how much it will benefit you, or you are too lazy to do it. One of the biggest keys to fitness, is accepting that what works might not be fun, and it might not be what you’ve known all your life. If you stuck to doing what you knew “worked”, you’d still be jerking off to your secret stash of Playboys instead of taking home 9’s on the reg. Change is good.


So I’ve told you to do yoga, but why? What ARE the benefits? Is this 20 questions and who the fuck invited you to play? Get off the computer and go workout! There are so many benefits to yoga it would be easier to list what it doesn’t improve. Just to name a few of the 100’s of good things it does.


  • Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Improves Sexual performance
  • Improved Memory
  • Decreased Hostility
  • Improves Posture, Cardio Strength, and Lowers Body Fat


If you can find an exorcise in the gym that can do these things + 100’s of others than by all means I will give you my position here at TS and you can laugh at me for not being as good as you. You won’t find one for 2 reasons. One; you aren’t as fucking smart as me. Two: There isn’t one.


So the final word is, there are no excuses. Sign up for a class, buy a DVD, and get started on weekly yoga. It will improve your peace of mind, flexibility, and overall athletic ability. Worst case it doesn’t, and you spend an hour a week wide eyed in a room full of girls wearing yoga pants. You’re welcome.

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